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With Sherpa, Carnivora realized 40 hours worth of efficiencies every week.



Compay Name: Carnivora

Date: Jan 2018

Website: www.carnivora.ca

Carnivora is based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. They manufacture and distribute raw foods and supplements for the pet industry that they sell through their Canada-wide network of over 210 retailers and distributors.

Why We Switched to Sherpa

Carnivora was a manufacturing company drowning in manual work. All sales orders were done on paper, financial data entry and inventory was all done by hand, and their retailer information existed in several spreadsheets. They needed automation and software to bring their business data into one place.

Instant Results

Since implementing Sherpa ERP, Carnivora has seen productivity soar. Customer, sales, and order information is in one centralized place. Their retailers can order instantly through their website, financial data is synced every night, and sales have sky-rocketed!

“Sherpa has helped us automate almost every facet of our business. We have seen massive gains in our sales and inventory management thanks to Sherpa. “

Dennis Hagel

Owner, Carnivora

Analyzing The Problem

Carnivora was a growing company. Typically this would be a good thing. There was just one problem. As they grew, so did their inefficiencies. 

Running as a traditional manufacturing shop, a lot of their processes still remained very manual. They used paper order forms, did data entry by hand, and used a series of spreadsheets to manage their business. Customer information was not organized and marketing opportunities were not being seized.

As a growing company, this manual overhead was too much to bear. They needed a way to automate and streamline their business.  

Creating a Custom Solution

We were able to provide Carnivora with one platform to manage their business.

Equipped with a  B2B  e-commerce website, their retailers could order completely on their own or via a Carnivora staff member. All pricing specific to the retailer ordering. Best part? Every transaction is integrated with their inventory system, automatically generates invoices and syncs with their Quickbooks. 

All customer information is in one place, activity is tracked with our CRM, and they send out regular email marketing blasts to keep retailers aware of promotions and increase sales. 

The Results

Carnivora realized achieved huge internal efficiencies, centralized their business information, and gave their retailers the purchasing experience today’s customer expects. 


Increase In Revenue

hours processing sales orders saved each week

hours entering financial data saved each week


increase in retail inquiries

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