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How to increase the value of your business with one decision

Learn from chartered accountant’s perspective on how you increase the worth, bottom line, and productivity of your business with the resources you have right now. Yes, it is possible. 

  • The TRUTH about what makes your business valuable and how to sell your business for top dollar.

  • The little known way to increase your margins, bottom line, and capacity without hiring any more employees.

  • The one business tool that completely changes everything.

100 Users & Counting

“Our people finally had the time they needed to be proactive. We grew our sales by 30%.”

– Dennis

The Team

Percy Hoff

Percy Hoff


  • MBA from Isenberg School of Business
  • Founded and operated Information Technology Services business serving SMB’s
  • A lifetime of experience in industrial repair and manufacturing through the family business, DSG Power Systems
Rick Wingate

Rick Wingate


  • B. Admin from the University of Regina with over 25 years of financial with private and public company experience 
  • Chief visionary and leader of several public corporations
  • Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist 
Megan Dyck

Megan Dyck


  • Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in management
  • Owns and operates party equipment rental company
  • Marketing and building software products for small businesses for 5+ years
Candice Weingarter

Candice Weingarter


  • 8 years of experience implementing ERP systems for an 11 billion dollar organization 
  • Over 20 years of experience in information technology in all areas
  • PMP certified, an expert in process efficiency, project rollouts, and data-obsessed
Jason Ratzlaff

Jason Ratzlaff


  • CPA with public company experience
  • Over 16 years experience as an active business owner
  • Expert in creating financial control systems that ensure accurate reporting and reliable information for management functions
Simon Kluge

Simon Kluge


  • Business development & marketing in SaaS companies for 6+ years
  • Co-owner and operational director at digital agency
  • Passionate about helping small businesses find valuable solutions for their unique needs
Brian Loewen

Brian Loewen


• Computer Science and Mathematics whiz
• 10+ years experience building and designing websites
• Built and developed digital solutions for dozens of small businesses

Fei Ou

Fei Ou

Software Developer

  • 15 years of software development and management experience
  • Managed software products serving more than 30 million users
  • Owner and operator of a SaaS software company

Learn how you increase the worth, bottom line, and productivity of your business with the resources you have right now.