Our Reseller Partners

Join our partnership network! We work with several organizations that offer complimentary services to our clients.

Business Consultant

Digital Agency

Looking for more than a business management system?

We have vetted the best of the best. We know that sometimes… our clients might need more than just Sherpa. That’s why we have partnered with companies who provide quality service and value their customers as much as we do.


Reaching potential through people, strategy & systems

Untapped Potential acts as an outside eye for small businesses by providing coaching, consulting, and training in the areas of human resources, leadership, strategy, and continuous improvement. Untapped Potential is your one-stop-shop to progressing your business in reaching its full potential.

R.O.I. not I.O.U

We provide high-value digital marketing services to a range of small and medium enterprises. We specialize in lead generation and online presence management – services designed to provide a return on investment for our clients.

Do you help small business owners?

Email Us

We are always looking for more partners! If you deal with small to medium-sized businesses, we’d love to recommend you to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The who, what, why, and how of it all. Still have questions? Contact us directly. We’re more than happy to answer them all! 

Why should I become a partner?

2 reasons:
1.  More business for you! We will promote you to our network of customers at no cost.

2. If you feel you have clients that could use our product—we offer financial incentives and kickbacks to our partners for any signed customers they refer.

Who can become a partner?

If you provide services to small and medium-sized businesses—we’d love to chat! We like to provide our customers with a vetted list of service providers that they can trust. Things like marketing services, consulting, signage, apparel, you name it!

How can I become a partner?

Send us an email using the form above. Our Sherpa Marketing team will reach out to you to set up a chat!

What is the cost to become a partner?

Zero! We promote and advertise our partners for no charge. We are simply looking to build a network of reputable businesses that we can refer our clients to.